What Security Features Are Provided?

Whether it’s a small or large business, every company can benefit from highly-secure, US-based hosting. When you choose KoDDoS as your web host, you’ll get a dedicated web server that offers advanced security measures like DDoS mitigation. 

Additionally, your information will be stored on secure servers in an offshore location to prevent any potential attack from cybercriminals.

Many hosting providers claim to have protection from DDoS attacks and other malicious cyber activities. However, most of these services come without any kind of monitoring or management support, meaning you’re basically on your own if an attack occurs.

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What Is Anonymity?

Anonymity is important for a number of reasons.


What Makes This A Premium Offshore Solution?

One of KoDDoS’s greatest perks is that they offer 100% secure offshore hosting.


Where Will My Data Be Stored?

There are two major aspects of hosting you’ll want to consider.


Will My Site Be Safe From Attacks?

It’s important to note that a security package isn’t just about mitigating Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks;